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The Best Process. (Ronin Tattoo Castle Rock)

We all have a process for anything we do in life. Each persons route is vastly different and I think that's what makes us unique. Art is such a subversive medium yet it also very different for each person creating or enjoying it. When I began to explore art it was always about how to be the best hoe to top the next person in line. It took a lot humbling a lot of failure to realize a self asserted and ego driven outlook would only get me so far. I wouldn't change the beginning for the middle wouldn't have played out as it has. I found in a positive scope there is no end, that the miles I've put on my artistic joints and the bumps I have experienced are far more important then the x on the end of some map. I realized how freeing art is and how much more I enjoyed my self when I forgot about how my process should be and just started to let it form and enjoy the mistakes. I began to enjoy watching other artist and how they create and seeing the similarities and the differences. I gained a deeper appreciation for those putting their creations out into the world and the effort it took for them to do so. These scenarios taught me to be more open with people ask more questions understand others points of views and otherwise try different things. It is awesome when people enjoy your work and compliment it as everyone needs some uplifting or kind words but it's also a mound of quick sand that if your not careful will consume your limbs. It is my opinion based on what I've learned is to create what you feel and see and try other roads less traveled and worry not about how many will love it or show scorn but how you feel about it first. The subjectivity of any art form is infact its downfall. Not everyone will enjoy everything and that's okay because on top of everyones personal everest is a goal and at the end of the day its how you succeed and feel about what youve done.

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