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Wandering without care (Ronin Tattoo and gallery Castle Rock)

To be a ronin is to be willing an able to except the fact you are different that you are shunned and on the outskirts of the normality. To accept that without masters or chains your honor is not stained yet it is actually a blank palate. I have made my choices and broke bounds with those I believed perceived me as equal only to find I was nothing but a sword for hire. I now except and relish the open fields building my own future regardless of the viewpoints from the false shoguns. I created this world and named it Ronin to pay oamge to those before me. To commended the the craftsmanship of the swords wielded before me. Art is an exceptional tool not appreciated by the average passer by but to those fellow warriors who also step blindly through the tall grass in hopes to find their happiness I commend your grit and never wavering ethic of work. Ronin come in all forms we are just those Who chose to lay down the facade and battle for ourselves.

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