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Art of Social Media (Ronin Gallery Tattoo)

Its crazy how different the world is today. When I was a teenager you couldn't even send a photo to someone on your phone let alone across the world. Perhaps there is good and bad in that fact as you can share emotions and your achievements in a split second forever becoming part of the innerwebs eternal code. Yet you can be caught vilified or put on some sorta digital trial due to nothing more than strangers opinions. Here in lies the point of my blog today. Sharing your creations has become so much easier now. With a few hashtags and the press of a finger it is jettisoned immediately to cruising altitude. Now in theory that is an amazing achievement un to itself. You can now expand your brand anywhere and anytime be whomever your heart desires but no matter how hard you try there will always be someone who displays themselves with more success. That success could be money, stature or for the purposes of this rant likes and follows. It has become built so deeply into our DNA that the number of red hearts displayed under an image dictates its real value. I'm guilty of this notion as much as the next person but as I grow and dig deeper into my tattoo and art goals I'm starting to realize its a bit of a sham. Yes you need social media to advertise and to show the world your talent as its a mostly free way to compile clients and like minded people and express wants and needs. I am beginning to shift those needs purely to marketing and a photo timeline of growth. I will continue to use it as it is a tool for my business but I will no longer let it dictate my mood. I have seen so many amazing artists from all walks of life and I could care less how many followers are displayed I just enjoy seeing others amazing and inspiring works. I guess this is just a weird way for me to vent and say to all those fellow artist I haven't even discovered yet to keep doing what you love for the joy and self accomplishment and worry not on who likes it but why you like it and relish in the notion you created something unique to you and that it will forever be stamped on and endless mail truck that deliverers 24/7. Ignore the nay Sayers and key board critics there commentary is mostly fluff to patch their misguided senses and really just a small hologram of how they feel about themselves. Build your own bridge and let other burn the tooth picks they call structure.

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