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Trust Fall (Ronin Tattoo and Gallery. Castle Rock , CO)

It is fickle thing to place confidence into someone. Tattooing is full circle of math, creativity, explanation and of course trust. To let someone mark your body permanently is great endeavor. For me it has always been letting the artist take a fraction of an idea and splitting the atoms to create something blended and unique. Some people know what they want and do not deviate. No matter what side of the coin you find your self they are each just as important. I take pride in trying to make designs specific to each client. Now as I was explaining the art of a tattoo is based on many elements, factors and cogs that need to move in succession to complete a process all which start with the faith that the outcome will be solid clean and beautiful. I want clients to know that I only want to create the best tattoos I can, tattoos with longevity and something I'm proud of as well as something the client can cherish.

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