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To Grow Organically (Ronin Tattoo and Gallery Castle Rock CO)

Staring from nothing more than a seed can be daunting. To till the soil and pray for rain is an adjustment. Skill is something that is earned through deep rooted vines. If where as easy as just leaving pods with in the ground then stepping away no one would need to strive for any crop they wish to yield. In order to become the sturdy tree in which you seek to be it takes patience and not only that but a will to succeed and to have a true understanding of the lessons you learn from failing. Tattooing, illustration, owning a business these are all small leaves connected to a firm base I call me. I have always believed anyone can form and grow into whatever they choose as long as they nurture the dirt and earth they decided to plant them selves in. Don't let a few grey skies stop you from achieving what you want. don't let others who act like locust destroy your crop. just continue to build your perfect field filled wit whatever you enjoy most.

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