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Canceling the Noise (Ronin Tattoo and Gallery Castle Rock, Colorado)

I fell in Love with tattooing at a young age. I always wanted to be around it and understand it and be covered in them. My artistic Journey however didn't start until later in my life. I did what most young people do go to high school , play sports, party, hopscotch my way through college with hopes that a degree would create financial opportunity. I always enjoyed creating I just didn't know what outlet would really bond to my structure. When I started my apprenticeship it was if I put on sheep's clothing and decided to somersault through a pack of starving wolves. I was essentially and unformed rock. It seemed the tattoo artist friends I had made over the years had distain for me wanting learn or perhaps a territorial outlook as I was encroaching on their hunting grounds. Part of the tattoo culture is a bit rusty and jaded on the outside that much I understood but to me it was as if they were hoping for my failure. I'm not an easy man to push down and I take pride in building myself into a sturdy base. I was lucky to have a mentor who was willing to answer the same questions again and again. Perhaps a man with his own faults but a truly gifted craftsman. A man who taught me to draw what you see draw what you feel and to not let anyone tell you how to arrive at whatever destination you seek. I decided I would submerge myself into art and began to put every ounce of my being into consuming as much information as possible. It was during this time I realized how freeing it was to illustrate to just zone into a space and create. I learned from watching and trying to mimic styles, deconstructing shapes and line paths. Sometimes it a bit to similar to those I look up to but I guess a little scorn or little damage to my ego or process is probably necessary. I will continue to create in many forms and continue to grow and I'm very excited for what the future holds.

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